If you have accounts to pay in a foreign currency (example: accounts for property taxes, the purchase of a boat, vehicle, tuition payment etc.), Globex 2000 can take care of your needs. Thanks to our flexible service, payments can either be deposited in your bank account or delivered to your supplier. Our cheques are drawn on Canadian or international banks as the case may be to reduce negotiation time. We can send your payment in a foreign currency quickly and can provide you with a confirmation of this transfer. Our software system allows us to track your transfer online and inform you of the progress of your payment.

Need to send money fast? Globex 2000 gives you the security and the promptness you need on all international electronic transfers (EFT) sent or received. Electronic transfers are the fastest way to send or receive money to or from your suppliers, clients, or members of your family. And it’s so simple. Click here to access our online form to request a transfer.