All experts will tell you, you shouldn’t go abroad without having the country’s valid currency. A lot of expenses can only be dealt with in cash only (taxi, public transit, tours, some restaurants, etc). Also, many businesses will not accept debit or credit cards.

Moreover, if you withdraw money from your debit card while not in your home country, your bank will charge you a much higher rate, on top of charging service fees. Based on a survey, it is advised to bring at least 30% of your budget in currency from the country(ies) to be visited.

Canadian citizens outside of Canada can call the following number (collect call number) 613-996-8885

To call from inside Canada, please dial 613-944-6788 or 1 800 267 6788 (toll free) You can call or e-mail the Government Operations Centre (GOC) Visit or call the Canadian Embassy Our offices CURRENCY Order foreign currencies online today and collect them at one of our multiple locations to serve you better. Currency Reservation FOR ME Why Choose Globex Traveler Information Commissioners for Oath For my business Why Chose Globex 2000 for Your Business International Payments OTHER LINKS Bookmark Globex Tell a Friend RITORNO Contest News Bulletins Forms Useful Links Globex 2000’s partners

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