“Five reasons not to trash your bonds”

By: Priscilla - May 07th 2013

Ted Rechtshaffen | 13/04/16 | Last Updated: 13/04/17 5:23 PM ET More from Ted Rechtshaffen
The tide is turning against bonds, is that the time to buy them?
Here are my five reasons why bonds still belong in most portfolios: 1. The U.S. can’t handle higher interest rates 2. Hedging stock markets and lowering volatility 3. Stocks may be better in the long run, but not always 4. What if our interest rates become like Japan? 5. You can make good money on bonds if you get it right Ted Rechtshaffen is president and wealth advisor at TriDelta Financial, a boutique wealth management and planning firm. Ted can be reached at tedr@tridelta.ca